More About Me

by s. liang ’20

A local from West Philadelphia and a lover of the intricacies of art and social justice, my name is Maria (she/her pronouns) and I’m a junior here at Bryn Mawr.

October 2016

Between brewing coffee at The Lusty Cup and writing ideas for Banter blogs on old receipts, I can be found dancing with RnM or catching the train to my West Philly apartment. A lot of my interests emerge from passions I have: from thinking about communities, to science fiction, to dance and the body (something I’m comfortably good at), to even video games (something I’m pretty comfortably bad at). I’m thankful for and excited about the experiences I’ll encounter and capture that may, upon reflection, become near and dear to my heart. My love for communities and change lead me in hopes of creating honest, critical, and empowering dialogue among mawrters on and off campus.

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Studies: English & Sociology

Twitter: @mmariabritt

Instagram: @_mariabritt

Talk to Me About: film photography / video games / diaspora / chronic pain

Monthly Tunes: Come Over to My House” by Herizen